hello world.

i’m elizabeth carberry. since i started my life as elizabeth grazioli, i couldn’t give that up completely so i am egcarberry. what do i do? well, i wear a lot of different hats in a given day (hence all the awesomely corny photos of me in hats).


for the past five years i have been working with emerging and creative talent in the washington, d.c., fine arts community. In 2011 I founded artsee, a company that allowed for collaboration with some of the most inspiring, talented, fine artists, galleries and creative. these interactions allowed me to experience a myriad of unique and exciting projects. these influences led me to a desire to diversify my experiences to provide branding, events, and creative services across the wider washington, d.c., community. more to come on these projects…

why d.c.? It’s home. Anyone who knows me knows that I have always had dreams to move to new york city (probably my favorite city in the world and the dream isn’t completely dead), but d.c. is home. And right now the momentum in my fair city is so motivating!

so, why a blog? writing in the arts led to a state of awe for the community in which I live and in the people with and for whom i work. i wanted to share all of it with you, in my own way. i promise that not everything will be original, i promise that there is probably a blog out there with similar content, but i also promise that it will be done with the same passion with which i undertake each new adventure! you’ll get a glimpse at the work I do, a little arts, a bit of design, a little food, some booze, a lot of d.c. and the people and places that i love – i hope you dig it!

and don’t forget to follow along with my day to day on instagram @egcarberry


photo cred: @laurametzlerphoto