summer maternity must haves.

I’ve been trying to share more about this pregnancy as much as I can through social media but it’s definitely been a more challenging one. 

There are a few things I literally cannot get through a day (or maybe a week without) and when you’re chasing one around it’s all about simplifying. So here is a quick list of must haves for my second (hot summer) pregnancy. 

  1. A good pillow: laying on my back is crucial this time around so a good soft pillow is a must and mine has been traveling everywhere with me! 

  2. Have you heard of the traveling pants well this dress from Marine Layer has magical powers in it too. It’s comfy, stretches can be casual or dressed up and hides those pregnancy imperfections- MAGIC!   

  3. Sleeping is hard. I have two eye masks that I rotate in night by night. I purchased them a long time ago at an airport, but I highly recommend an soft eye mask to help calm you and stay asleep (especially if you’re a traveler like I am). 

  4. I feel like all my doctor talks to me about is drinking water. Lots and lots of water. But if you’re anything like me you don’t like lugging around large bottles and hate wasting a billion plastic ones. This little imitation Swell bottle is the perfect size! 

  5. This is a hard one but I finally found a cute maternity bathing suit from the Gap and I’m obsessed. Find one that is comfortable and that you feel good in (Target has some good ones too)! 

  6. Tums. Lots and lots of tums. Need I say more? 


hana tonic.

Sharing some highlights from my recent photo shoot with Laura Metzler Photography for Hana Tonic. I was first introduced to Hana Tonic at the Fostr Collaborative studio at the beginning of this pregnancy when I was having really bad sickness and the founder Renee offered a taste test to help settle my nausea. And it worked wonders! I drank it before an evening event when I was worried I wouldn’t even be able to make it through. Its not often I get to work on a project or with a brand that I believe in or that I get to use so this was a real treat! 


For this shoot we were focusing on lifestyle shots, product in use, and the ingredients of the product. So we went with light colors, summery props and put the product in contact for the lifestyle shots. We used a few pregnant and not pregnant models to show off the product, taste and interact. And for ingredients we broke it down and showed them all separately and then how they work together. Just a few of my favorites here!


how i'm feeling about baby number two.

Apparently when you get pregnant with baby number two the response is always 1. That’s exciting! 2. How are you feeling? And 3. Is it worse this time around? 

My response is always the same. The answer to number one is easy ... Yes we’re very excited and we feel very lucky! Two and three are where I stop to pause to think of an honest answer. 

When you get pregnant the first time it’s exciting, scary, magical and just emotionally overwhelming (for most) in the best possible way! You’re experiencing all of these feelings for the first time and everything seems exciting because you’re growing a human. A real, beautiful, human! Then you have that human and you are totally consumed by them, your love for them, teaching them, feeding them, changing diapers, entertaining them and just generally feeling and thinking for them every minute. 


When you get pregnant the second time you feel a flood of the emotions, all the good ones - of course! But, then it sinks in... you have to continue doing all of those things you’ve been doing for your first amazing human and now do it all again for the second. You have to grow them, nurture them, love them, teach them, feed them, change diapers, entertain them and just generally feel and think for them every minute. It feels more real much faster and the reality that you’re responsible for this tiny life weighs on you from day one. The excitement of having a new human around can quickly sink to the bottom of the weight of all of the other thoughts. All of this, combined with the raising the first human part and the other obligations that life throws your way, make you tired. Not like I need to put my head down tired but just tired, like you wish you could switch your brain off for just one minute and hold this new baby in your arms and just feel it and not think, kind of tired. 


So, how am I feeling and is it worse this time around?! Honestly, I’m tired! I’m happy and excited, but also very aware of how this ends and what a huge thing it is (both to be blessed with and the responsibility of it). It’s not worse the second time it’s just much more emotionally and mentally draining, so I’m tired. But every night when I feel her kick I end my day with that excitement! 

If you’re thinking about having baby number two, I would say ... Take the time you did with the first to enjoy it. Leave number one at home, pamper yourself when you need it and talk to your belly as much as you did the first time! Take the time to feel tired and then get through it. Some weeks are easier than others but I believe a happy mommy is a happy baby and the end of this journey is so worth it. 


entertaining. two summer tablescapes.

I often get the question “what do you do?” And by often I mean pretty much daily. The answer starts with “I do a lot of different things.” But, the bulk of my work is in design and styling for photo and event clients. 

What does design and styling entail? Well I work with the client to create or some cases complete their vision and then pull together the pieces to execute that vision. For example, you may remember my Brief Assembly dinner back in December. As I’ve said a thousand time this was a dream project for me as I worked with two amazingly creative women to bring their vision to life. My job was to pull in vendors for florals, rentals, and small decor details to make a dinner party for 30 come to life. 


What I would like to start doing on my blog is sharing tips and tricks for styling for anything from photos and flat lays to dinners and other events. First up, two simple summer time place settings for your next dinner party! 

**SIDE NOTE: I realize that these color specific ideas would require you to own these items but also I’m hoping to give you ideas that you could potentially replicate with another color palette of things you might already own!


Millennial Pink: 

The first is a blush pink design. 

For this one I made a small floral arrangement from Trader Joe’s (might try to share a how-to on that soon … should I?) of white, cream and pink florals with obviously tons of greens. I used placemats that I bought at CB2 ages ago, my plates, gold flatware and my own glassware. 

I purchased these napkins from West Elm to complete the look and I added a agate coaster as a place holder. Pro Tip: Write your guests name on them so they feel more personal! 


Golden Yellow: 

This one is my favorite (mostly because I got to use an arrangement from Darling & Daughters) but, you again could easily make a small centerpiece with white floral and greens from Trader Joe’s. Pro Tip: Try to buy enough to create two arrangements, one for your table and one for a coffee table or other entertaining area. 


For the place setting I splurged a little on this one… I bought a place carder holder set and chargers at West Elm.


And the placemat is an old pillow case that I cut in half to create two place settings. The dishes, silverware and glassware is again what I had at home. I am always an advocate for using things you have and making them new for your place settings! Keeps it cheaper and more original! 


Happy entertaining!